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Univ.Prof.Dr.Dan RUJESCU

Head of the Division of General Psychiatry

Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr.med. Richard Frey
Deputy division head



WEBEX Meetings summer semester 2022 (Lectures by Richard E. Carson, Gitte M. Knudsen, David A. Lewis, Daniel Geschwind, James L. Kennedy, John H. Krystal,Gustavo Turecki, J. John Mann, Karen F. Berman, Isabelle Boileau, Andreas Reif)


Wissenschaftliches Seminar der Klinischen Abteilung für Allgemeine Psychiatrie




(28.04.2022) Für herausragende medizinische Forschungsleistungen junger WissenschafterInnen wird der Johann Wilhelm Ritter von Mannagetta-Förderpreis für Medizin von der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW) einmal im Jahr vergeben...


(12.04.2022) In the largest study so far conducted into schizophrenia, which included more than 320,000 participants, scientists from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC), a group of several hundred researchers from 45 countries, identified a..


Alexander Kautzky (1st) and Jakob Unterholzner (3rd) are the recipients


(12.10.2021) The Division of General Psychiatry also uses its Twitter account for information on psychiatry research, training and other news - follow us at: @PsychVienna  


08.09.2021) On 1 September, Rupert Lanzenberger, a neuroscientist specialising in molecular and functional imaging in psychiatry at the Medical University of Vienna, took up a § 99(4) professorship in the subject field Clinical Neurosciences at..


Rupert Lanzenberger and Gregor Gryglewski are among the honoured researchers


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) increase neuroplasticity


Expert in the genetics, epigenetics and neurobiology of psychiatric disorders comes to Vienna from Halle-Wittenberg


(19.03.2021) The Supreme Health Council (OSR), the 35-strong body that advises the Health Minister, constituted itself on Friday. The Rector of the Medical University of Vienna, Markus Müller, was unanimously reappointed as President, as Minister..


Honour for former Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy